Cohen, Leigh (b. New York, lives in Asheville, NC) Leigh Received her MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2000, blah blah blah…
After moving to Asheville I worked as a studio artist creating mosaic sculptures, and small ceramic sculptures in my basement/garage.  After a few years I decided I needed a change.  In 2005 I opened a paint your own pottery shop that offers pottery wheel lessons, mosaics, glass fusing, and silver clay; these are a few of my favorite things… It took some time before I was able too get back to making my own art, running a business is time consuming. Who new? So after a few too many years, here I am again, making stuff.  The work is different but I find it more in tune to my personality than it had ever been before, plus it seems to fit my work schedule, so it’s all good.  I have always played with molds and slip casting so this wasn’t a new venture, I think of it a bit like mosaics.  Covering a form is still covering a form, whether its tiles or ducks.

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